Are you effectively communicating the value of your product, organization or service?

We use graphic design, photography and animations to help you build a consistent brand message across digital and physical mediums.


Why does it matter?

Branding and identity goes far beyond just logo design, a logo or any other graphic device isn’t the brand itself, it’s a symbol to represent it. A brand is a person’s immediate feeling about a business or product. This can be influenced by creating a unique identity for the product or business that communicates effectively with it’s target audience.

Customer’s experience with a brand can greatly effect it’s perceived value. There is a large gap between what branding presents an affordable image, and a premium image. We want to help you adequately identify your product or business to your customers.

A consistent brand experience across all mediums is important at every point that your customers interact with your brand they should be presented with the same brand message and image. To avoid being too abstract this includes : How your social media accounts interact with your clients, The language used on your promotional and internal materials, Consistent appearance of brand colors and logos across web, print and documents.