Free eBay Listing Template

Ebay is  implementing new rules that disallow javascript and jquery in listings

We’ve developed a new, free template with Bootstrap with for use in ebay listings. It has no javascript or jquery and it’s easily customizable in a few minutes.

It’s also responsive so you don’t have to worry about it working well on tablets or mobiles.

You’ll have to make a few alterations to the logo, product image and social media links before pasting it into eBay, so let’s take a look.


Step 1 : Copy the HTML for the template from from here, and paste it into Notepad or the Ebay HTML post area.

Step 2 : Changing the logo  with the HTML open in Notepad or the Ebay HTML post area, press ctrl+f to search for “ATTENTIONONE”, this will bring us to the area where we can change the URL for the logo in the following tag.

use the area highlighted in the image between the ” ” quotation marks.


Step 3: Changing the product image same again, CTRL+F to search for “ATTENTIONTWO” this, the following tag will be the area where we can change our product image as seen below.

as before, paste your image URL between the ” ” quotation marks.


Step 3: Changing the email info search for “ATTENTIONTHREE” with CTRL+F to bring you to the last section. Below this line we find another simple case of changing the areas between the quotation marks. They are currently occupied with #### hashes. See where to place your social media URLs below.

For the email area we need to replace hashes after the “mailto:” area part highlighted below with your email

Also, if you don’t want to link a particular social media account just highlight the line and delete it as seen below


Now you’re good to go! Save your code to re-use on other listings.

From here, you can click into the ebay visual tag and edit the areas easily from there without having to touch the code.


If you want further customization of the template, contact us or take a look at our web design services, also take a look at my web development portfolio here

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