Google’s guide on hiring an SEO for your website

Some SEO providers make unrealistic and sometimes underhanded promises to deliver the “1st spot in search results within weeks”. This can be problematic for businesses and organizations who fall for the pitch, and then end up being penalised for their SEO’s bad practices.
Google Webmasters released a video advising businesses and organizations on how to hire an SEO. Let’s look at some of the key points addressed:


Your SEO agent will need 4 months to 1 year to improve your website and report on results to you.

Unfortunately there is no quick fix for bad ranking. Anyone promising quick ranking results is either outright lying or using underhanded tactics that will later be punished. This lengthy time period can be frustrating for businesses and organisations that want to see an immediate benefit from the services they are purchasing. Accountability is the main factor in discerning whether or not your SEO is helping.

Request citation on proposed strategy

Google provides a wealth of knowledge on best SEO practice. Sometimes an SEO agent can propose a costly strategy that is fails to generate results. The best way to avoid this is to always request they provide solid Google sourced information on whether or not this strategy will be effective.

DIY SEO is possible for local business

As outlined in our guide to demystifying SEO , there are many methods that can be incorporated yourself to help, without the need of a professional. A Google authored video guide to getting your local business online can be found here.

Request an audit

Before starting, the SEO should determine what the on-page and off-page issues exist with your site to better give you an idea of the costs involved in fixing them. You should also be made aware of your ranking and competition involved in the keywords that your SEO helps you choose.

Gathering the details surrounding the cost of hiring a particular SEO is also massively important. Prices can range from anything from £100 a month to £100,000. Considering these projects are an investment that have to continue for a number of months to see results, the price can add up quickly.


We hope to see more videos like this from Google Webmasters instructing people in best practices when hiring an SEO.



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