Material Web Design UI Kit for Bootstrap

material design example
All of google’s websites and services since 2014 incorporate material design.

Material design is a design language, or set of fundamentals used to achieve a consistent theme across products and applications. It’s layered, paper/card-like design is easy to recognise across all google websites and services.

Creative Tim has recently launched a Material UI kit for the popular html, css, javascript framework : Bootstrap.


bootstrap ui template


Here we can see some of the Material design principles at work : paper-like appearance, the use of google’s standard Roboto font, bright colouring and shadowed layers creating depth.




The free version should be sufficient, but there are premium options available with even more capabilities to expand your material design

Developers have been working with bootstrap for years, and the appearance of it’s standard UI will be a familiar sight for all end-users regardless as to whether or not they know it’s name. Adding some diversity to the styles available for it is a welcome change. This is just one among the plethora of options available for Bootstrap UIs availibble to users.

If you have experience working in bootstrap, and you are looking to design a website similar to Google’s material design, you can pick up CreativeTim’s bootstrap UI kit here .

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