Sectors : Social Enterprise, National Coverage

Aspire4U is a nationally recognised social enterprise that has received extensive media coverage and celebrity support. It approached Bismuth Digital Solutions Ltd to create a website that reflects the creativity it develops within its audiences. The landing page provided a basis for a video which outlined the services of the organisation and promoted its innovative approaches. The website has allowed it to grow its impact and reach into new communities.

View our work : Aspire4u

Medtex ltd

Sectors : Healthcare, Manufacturing and Export

Medtex Ltd required a responsive and modern website to allow them to compete Europe-wide against US multinationals. Bismuth Digital Solutions Ltd conducted an extensive market analysis of the branding, styling and approaches of their competitors. It allowed the development of strong brand and an accompanying website. Medtex Ltd are now ranked 6th globally when prospective clients search for their products.

View our work : Medtex Ltd

RDS Cleaning

Sectors : Corporate and professional services

RDS Cleaning Ltd required a website that would allow them to stand out among potential clients within a highly competitive market. Bismuth Digital Solutions Ltd created quality branding that commercial and domestic clients could recognise. It developed a responsive and modern website outlining the services of the company. It used features to optimise it within regional Internet searches to drive traffic to the website and generate new clients for the company. It now has a sector-leading web presence within the local area.

View our work : RDS Cleaning

Kings Norton Coaches Ltd

Sectors : Transport, SME, Business-to-Consumer

Kings Norton Coaches Ltd needed a website to engage regional audiences about their services and daytrips. Bismuth Digital Solutions Ltd conducted an industry review and engaged with prospective clients to consider what audiences expect from websites of this nature. The website required complex online booking and payment solutions to ensure that clients could seamlessly book and pay for trips online. The company also required high quality imagery and portfolio of its coaches to promote itself to corporate and international clients. Kings Norton Coaches Ltd is now one of the leading regional coach companies and receives thousands of pounds of bookings through its website each week.

View our work: Kings Norton Coaches Ltd


Sectors : Education, Social Enterprise

Lyfeproof Ltd is a not-for-profit organisation that works with disadvantaged young people across Birmingham. They required Bismuth Digital Solutions Ltd to develop a website that could engage with a range of different stakeholders; from users, funders, parents and clients. They also wanted to engage with their audiences across a range of social media platforms; including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. It also required a portfolio of information and images to demonstrate the high quality nature of the services being provided by the organisation.

View our work : Lyfeproof

Northfield Ecocentre

Sectors : Charity, Environmental, Fund Raising

Northfield Ecocentre is a diverse organisation and required a website to engage a variety of local, regional and national actors. It was hoping to use the internet to diversify its funding streams and consider crowdfunding and other online financial mechanisms. It was also hoping to promote itself to potential funders. Bismuth Digital Solutions Ltd developed a website that reflected the range of activities and services it is involved with and provided a platform for donations. Northfield Ecocentre is now regarded as one of the leading regional environmental charities and has been successful in obtaining a range of local and national funding sources.

View our work : Northfield Ecocentre

Expectations UK Ltd

Sectors : Public Sector and Social Housing, Charity

Expectations UK Ltd requested a website that would allow it to target a range of different stakeholders, including funders and clients. Bismuth Digital Solutions Ltd considered the challenges associated with promoting a service to individuals who may currently be homeless. It ensured that the website was optimised to be viewed on different formats, including smart phone. It also believed that the site could be an effective platform to promote the organisation to prospective funders. The development of the housing portfolio allows a range of stakeholders to consider the prospective services available from Expectations UK Ltd.

View our work : Expectations UK Ltd

Houghton Drystone Walling Ltd

Sectors : specialist, national, high value

Houghton Drystone Walling Ltd required a website that enabled it to engage with a range of clients from across the country. The services it provided were highly specialist and targeted towards large landowners. Bismuth Digital Solutions Ltd developed a website that allowed prospective clients to consider the range of services provided and review past work. The website also needed to portray a sense of heritage and prestige. Since its inception, it has been a highly effective marketing tool for the company and resulted in clients from across the country.

View our work: Houghton Drystone Walling Ltd

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