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How it works

Keyword targeting and research is performed before anything else. The goal is to find terms with large search volume that relate to your business. Ranking highly within these targeted terms will drive larger volumes of traffic than picking a term at random. After a variety of terms have been chosen, strategy in the later stages can be tailored accordingly. Research is conducted using a variety of tools, one of the most popular being the Adwords Keyword Targeting Tool available free from Google.

How we help

This process can be intimidating to undertake for the first time, and sometimes analysing how realistic your ranking goals are can be complicated.

We generate a comprehensive report on the possible keywords that you can target for realistic short and long term success. We also look for niche keywords with little competition where quick gains can be made.


How it works

On-page SEO is the act of altering the website content to better suit the targeted keywords. On-page SEO also involves making the website in question thoroughly optimized for user experience in terms of speed and content.

A good tool for checking how well optimized your user experience is can be found in Google Pagespeed Insights, and also Google Mobile-Friendly Test. Oversized images, badly coded pages and websites that aren’t mobile friendly have a tangible effect on ranking.

Next, site content needs to be modified to efficiently target the chosen keywords. Factors involve the chosen keyword in the page title, certain HTML tags and data rich snippets. More info on how you can alter your pages to be SEO friendly can be found here.

How we help

We modify your website to ensure it’s thoroughly optimized for keywords. This can be an intimidating process, but our developers are experienced with all popular web platforms and approach working on your virtual property with confidence and care. We can also incorporate structured data on pages where appropriate.

We find solutions for your website’s pagespeed/mobile usability issues. We can compress your website’s content for more speedy delivery, and incorporate a content delivery network to ensure that your users are getting the best speeds possible, benefiting you in search rankings.


How it works

Off-site SEO is integral to driving traffic to your website, from other means than search results. It can involve social networking, business directories and presence in services such as google maps and sector specific platforms (ex. Yelp for a Resturaunt).

If applicable to your sector, review websites like yelp and tripadvisor can be vital for generating and maintaining business. Diplomatic responses to unavoidable, negative customer experiences on review websites and social media can be invaluable for public relations.

Older SEO techniques involve generating large amounts of external links, the number of links were treated by Google as a seal of approval for authenticity and quality content. While links are still effective, search algorithms focus on quality over quantity. This means a Facebook business page link is worth thousands of the low quality links you see being sold on Fiverr. Sometimes bad link building can damage your website’s ranking. Google’s Matt Cutts explains more about link building here.

How we help

We ensure your business is listed in all the appropriate locations, and your Google Business listing is ranking appropriately in geo-searches. We set up and operate your social media pages on your behalf if you require.  We provide you with ideas for quality social media content.

If you have previously purchased, had an agency purchase or had a competitor maliciously purchase low quality links pointing towards your domain, we can assist you in disavowing them and repairing search engine trust in your website.

web design


How it works

Content based SEO is based around the core philosophy of google’s ranking system : quality, informative content.

Your website needs to produce useful, interesting information for both potential clients and in our case, fellow professionals. We produce web design and e-commerce related articles through our blog and we use our Facebook and Linkedin to share the content. This doesn’t just apply to our sector though, for example a carpenter could produce youtube videos explaining how to perform one of their common everyday tasks and generate brand awareness and website traffic through the content.

A proven ranking factor is bounce rate, how long you can retain users on your website before they leave. Producing pieces of engaging, relevant content is essential to this.

How we help

We have photographers, video producers, copywriters and graphic designers that can produce promotional and educational materials for your business.

Our content based SEO resources:

  • Writing articles for your blog
  • On-site photography of events and premises
  • Promotional videos
  • Infographics
  • Animations.

Example of content based SEO : an infographic explaining the benefits of climate control systems.


How it works

While not necessarily part of SEO, Pay Per Click advertising factors into overall website traffic and visibility. The most popular pay per click service is Google Adwords. Other services include Facebook, Bing and Instagram.

Google Adwords functions by billing the client for every click on an ad provided that drives a user to the client’s website. The cost per click depends on what keywords are targeted in the campaign. Some can range from £60 per click to less than 50p depending on the competition. Clients will set the maximum “bid” per term, (how much they’d be willing to pay per click, per keyword), and at the start of the day the clients with the highest “bids” will receive advertising space.

This can be massively generative for new online businesses looking to gain instant traffic without waiting to rank. However with the incorrect keywords and strategy proven it can prove costly. Advertising generates the majority of Google’s income. so rest assured there are plenty of resources dedicated to helping you start your first campaign.

How we help

Bismuth Digital Solutions has experience running ad campaigns for a number of clients. We take away the stress of having to manage a budget efficiently using google services. We target words that will get you the most relevant traffic for the least investment.

We provide detailed weekly reports on how your campaign is progressing and how effective our methods have been, so you can stay updated and informed on our efforts.

Example of a selection of bakery related adwords keywords, with differing prices and competition per word.


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