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Web design is our passion. We use the latest technologies to deliver responsive, conversion focused websites to your audience, and build with SEO in mind from the ground up. Our fluid company model allows us to deliver beautiful projects at a price far more cost-effective than other Birmingham web design companies.

We manage our projects and communications using mockups and wireframes. This keeps our clients informed and happy about how their project will look and function.

We create a digital product for you that communicates the values of your product or service to your clients.

We’re proud to be different, and we’re here to help.


We aim to demystify SEO.  There are no secret techniques, just companies trying to keep their trade methods hidden and therefore more valuable. We use Google recommended techniques that focus around generating quality, helpful content to drive organic traffic to your website.

We are confident delivering SEO services for existing properties. Also our web design process builds with SEO in mind.

We want the market to comprise of informed consumers, so we wrote a guide on how SEO works and how we help.


Communication is everything. A unique brand identity that communicates with your clients can mean the difference between a successful and unsuccessful business.

The value of your product or service can be greatly effected by the message of your brand.

We don’t just create logos, we create brand identities that your target audience can relate to. Providing you and your staff guidelines on how to position your brand in the minds of your consumers.


We audit your SEO, pagespeed, mobile usability and server speed. Providing you with a list of points that can be addressed.

Our Principles


freedom and control

We empower you to manage your own online activities and build our solutions around you.


open source website design

We provide you a choice of cutting-edge solutions for any online project, large or small.


time scale website design

We will work together to plan and complete your project for when your audiences need it.

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Free eBay Listing Template

Ebay is  implementing new rules that disallow javascript and jquery in listings We’ve developed a new, free template with Bootstrap with for use in ebay

Google’s guide on hiring an SEO for your website

Some SEO providers make unrealistic and sometimes underhanded promises to deliver the “1st spot in search results within weeks”. This can be problematic for businesses
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  • “Bismuth Digital Solutions Ltd has helped us establish a presence online so we can now engage with national and international clients with our new website.”

    Julia Holden – Managing Director - Medtex Ltd

  • “Having an online presence to demonstrate our work is crucial to growing our impact. Bismuth helped us do this and exceeded our expectations”

    Kit Snowdane - Director - Aspire4U CIC

  • “Bismuth Digital Solutions Ltd provided us a sector-leading website and online booking system that is now generating £1000s of new revenue a week.”

    Stephen Egan - Transport Manager - Kings Norton Coaches

  • “Bismuth helped us develop a local presence so we can promote our services to new corporate clients”

    Melanie Dawe - Managing Director - RDS Cleaning Ltd